History of the yacht

The sailing yacht s.y. Carinya II is build by PA Kelly in Sydney according a design of Joe Adams. From this designs have been build about 20 ships in steel and two in aluminium like the Carinya II. The first owner, Bill Burnes gave me some interesting details about s.y. Carinya II.

Since 1999 I sailed over  22.000 nM with s.y. Carinya II.  The firts 2.5 year I made a long trip with my wife. After that I started working in the Netherlands again and our children were born. In 2006/2007 I organized a thoroughly refit, where everything is improved our renewed and afterward maintained well. See the details on this website.  In the period of the refit I became CWO  sea sailing instructor. Later I started my own sea-sailing school www.neptunamor.nl and used the Carinya II for the longer trips. For example the Carinya II participated 5 times in the Colin Archer Memorial Race [CAMR].

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