Information from 1-st owner




Some quotes  from the first owner

1-ste mail Bill Burnes


other quotes:

I don’t know if you are aware, But unfortunately her designer Joe Adams was murdered in the Philippines this year.

I was involved with construction,sourcing all masts and rigging, engine hatches, winches etc from pals that I crewed with on Hobart and Fastnet races

I was heavily into Ocean Racing at the time , and was lucky to represent Australia in Ocean racing,

The reason I built Carinya was that I wanted a yacht that would take me anywhere I wanted to Go.

I wanted to cruise in comfort not be wet and cold under all conditions.

Carinya was Launched at Bayview in Sydney, then we sailed her as just a shell hull to Auckland New Zealand, to have her fitted out  in Teak

I was able to employ a young cabinet maker to do the interior he worked daily on Carinya for a period of 12 months,

when we sailed to Bali in Indonesia, Two young woodcarvers carved the designs into the teak.

I originally had Carinya a 9.9 metre wooden sloop that was a beautiful boat and gave a lot of pleasure. Then came Carinya 11.

Both boats called Carinya  because the aboriginal translation means Happy Home.




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