2007RM69 hand-pump to be handled from the centre cockpit
2007cable scissors and emergency rudder

2006joon image
2014emergency fireworks ORC
2012 EPIRB MT403G/FG (C/S Class2 Water Act + GPS)
406.037 MHz.
Auxilary Radio-Locating device (121.5 MHz)

20072x lenspipes, anode pots (2x) in hull; 1x in rudder blade; improvement shipyard custom-made welded aluminium;engine-room motor position;
shipyard custom desigend and welded aluminium;
2007anode integrated in ships hull
2010sea anchor diam. 60 cm - length 120 cm.
2010fire extinguishers(2x)
emergency kids (3x)
2010emergency lines on deck (roll 60 m. on board)
2007Ajax fire blanked 1x1 m.
2013Liferaft 6 pers. ORC + cont.hb N with universal montage system
20156 life jackets 275 N
6 life belts