2017Installation BordController
is now connected to outside WiFi Antenne and gives an internal WiFi, further the AIS is coupled, the AIS Data are available on portable device know, wide range of other possibilities.

AIS bc en simrad computer
2014CMAP chartsc-map
2014manual wind meter
2014teak PC support
2013Mast top unit B&G
2013LED lamps, navigation lights and anchor light
2007radar, plotter Simrad CX44 simrad
2006NAV6 navtex (barometer, hygrometer, Temperature)

Holder teak for spectacles

Holder teak with manual compass

2010DSC VHF with AIS interface
2014AIS installation with GPS and transponder

2006Firdel Blipper radar reflector
2006steering auto-mat AP16 met AC20 computer en RFC35 Fluxgate, RF300 rudder feedback, CX44 Radar; Radardome Antenna 2kW 45cm Radarcable 15m. , RA772 mount bracket (Simrad)
+ C-MAP charts M-EW-M: 0001, 0004, 0005,0006
+ linear direct drive DD1.10151 150 Kgm Jefa
2006Computer AC20 Simrad Steering Automat ac 20
2011steering automat arm (Draglink design made RVS)
2007radio cd player Kenwood KDC-W5031
2007B&G H1000 system log, depth and wind meter (display insite and outside)
2007Fluxgate compass with digital reading (beside original compass)
2010Above is universal display H1000 (log; wind speed; etc.); Middle is wind indicator; unther is Steering automat control unit with ruthher position and digital compass
2007Nasa Target SSB Receiver + Software [not installed]