2014New glasses for very special storage. storage drinks and glases
2014Stainless steel holder for bars Sea bed.
2014teak cover (6x) for over stainless steel parts
2014Lighter holder teak
2014teak wood build in case
2014new gas in cooling units; 2 units, to open from above, +/- 100 liter, both with freezing unit.
2014Varnish parts interior 1
2014Seat Aft Cabin
2010pillows & covers
2010comfortable sleep hammock, both sites, easy store away
2007New upholstery ;( high quality professional company Euro 3785)

Lot of store space unther matrasses:

2007new top layer chart table
2007Passad hot air system; 12V complete set Allpa
20072 RVS coolunits (+/- 100 liter) with Coolmatic Vd-07 en Coolmatic Compressor Cu-54
2007Barometer 6" copper with mineral glass
2007Gas-heater type Equator 3 pits + oven 480x510x420
2007copper rod; massive teak sculpture of head (Indonesian)
2007new isolation, in segments [picture is to show the isolation, is of cause finished now]
2007new teak with lines on multiplex, floor in whole boat

passage to aft cabin; on the site cupboards