2015hook 2m. easily stored in boomhook in boom
2014gas regulator
2014new gas tubes (2014); 2 gas bottles
200?spare set fuses end lamps
2014storage for drinks and holders for whine glasses and whiskey glasses [will be new]
2013mast access facilities
2009tableware, cutlery.

2007bilge pump electric; bilge manual operational from steering wheel;
on both sides a water-tank (500 liter)
2011all interior varnished; 6 layers; all doors dismantled, all montage assemble new.
2011gloves; spare winch handle; plugs
2006RVS calibrated chain 10 mm. 30m. met RVS CQR anchor 15kg (extra CQR 30 kg); third achor on board; chain stopper; RVS 68mm
2012diesel jerrycan 30l.
Diesel Jerrycan 30 l.
2016water jerrycan 10 liter
water canister 10 l. lowres
mast chair lr
2016sea anchor
sea anchor low res
201xwall current connection peaces
Plug shore power extensions
2017actual documentation, 3 maps: 1. General Systems; 2. Electrical Systems 3. Navigation Equipment.
documentation open
Adams Yacht Design Book
Cover steering wheel and instrument panel
Cushions centre cockpit